Design philosophy Career at Hino Motors
Domain Career at Hirano & Associates
Profile Career after Independence
Car Design

-Rough sketch

-Idea sketch

-Photo shop rendering

-3D modeling w/ Rhinoceros

-3DCG w/ 3DS-MAX

The left shows the super sport car which is named "A-GYO". This one is modeled with Rhinoceros, and rendered with 3DS-MAX. to enlarge

Industrial Design

We always try to find what is the most important problem
on the product. The best solution is as principal as the beautiful shape.

The left shows samples of a air purifyer.

Character Design

Character design is important for the marketing strategy. We like to design adult women's character.

Graphic Design

C.I, web site, brochure.


We have a strong network of housewives living in suburban area of Tokyo. The photo shows a group interview by them.